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22/10/2016 / Mašinska škola Pančevo


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Date: 22/10/2016
Location: Mašinska škola Pančevo
Address: Braće Jovanovića 103a Pančevo
The Omnibus Youth Journalism School continued on October 22, 2016 with a workshop in which the mentors led a presentation on Journalism as a Profession. They started with the definition of information; the concept of communication; the role of journalist as intermediary in public communication; and the function, tasks, responsibilities, and purposes of mass media. This then led into a discussion analyzing the similarities and differences between daily and weekly-, general and specialized-, and national and local news outlets, as well as informative newsletters and illustrated magazines. In addition to some interesting anecdotes about the profession, students learned about the origins of “yellow” journalism and the term canard, and why media is called the “Fourth Estate or the “Fourth Pillar of Democracy.”
Participants discovered that the most concise definition of journalism can be found in the equation craft + ethics = journalism. The workshop concluded with a discussion about the characteristics which journalists should and should not possess, skills which need to be developed, and talents that should be honed. Then participants tried to identify methods of manipulation with the exercise, “You have information – but no context.”