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29/10/2016 / Mašinska škola Pančevo


Event info

Date: 29/10/2016
Location: Mašinska škola Pančevo
Address: Braće Jovanovića 103a Pančevo

Journalism Ethics was the title of the third workshop, held on October 29, 2016. The instructors discussed the relationship between ethics and journalism; principles; consistency; the relationship between the private and public; responsibility with regard to the use and abuse of freedom of speech; and malice as a means of killing professional journalism. Participants were cautioned to avoid reporting unverified information and also learned about the importance of having authentic documentation, as well as thethree source rule. Instructors presented the Code of Ethics of Serbian Journalists and analyzed a few examples from TV Pančevo of what not to do. The next part of the workshop was about the use of pronouns, specifically, the first person singular, when to use“I”, ego in journalism, and the difference between pride and vanity.