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Miroslav Todorović

Miroslav Todorović was born in 1975. He lives in Pančevo where he works as a teacher in several high schools. He studied at both the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and is an expert in Communicology.  He has worked in journalism since 2003, starting off at the weekly Pančevac, […]

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Kristijan Balteanu

Kristijan Balteanu was born in Zrenjanin (Becskerek/Petrovgrad) at the beginning of December 1974 but never actually lived there. From his earliest childhood, he was breathing the air of Pančevo and walking her streets. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Romanian Studies, in Novi Sad with a degree in Romanian Language and Literature. […]

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Nenad Živković

Nenad Živković was born in Pančevo in 1966 to an enlightened family of journalists. In 1982, at the Boris Kidrič school, he edited the magazine Daljine with Aleksandar Kolarić. While still a student at Uroš Predić high school in 1983, he published his first article in the local newspaper Pančevac. While fulfilling his military service in Vipava, Socialist […]

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