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Kristijan Balteanu

Kristijan Balteanu was born in Zrenjanin (Becskerek/Petrovgrad) at the beginning of December 1974 but never actually lived there. From his earliest childhood, he was breathing the air of Pančevo and walking her streets. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Romanian Studies, in Novi Sad with a degree in Romanian Language and Literature. He teaches Romanian Language and Culture and spends his spare time on journalism, music, drawing and poetry. He is a certified Romanian translator.

He was exposed to journalism at an early age and grew up in the newsroom of the publication Libertatea where his mother worked as a journalist. Throughout school, he wrote for school newspapers and, while at university, became editor and host of a Romanian language youth radio show called Saturday on Medium Wave for Radio Novi Sad. He writes for the newspaper Libertatea and the youth magazine Tineretea and works as a reporter on the information desk at Radio Television Pančevo. He is one of the founders of the Romanian language show Banatica on TV Pančevo and edits and hosts the shows Eco Patrol and Urban Turbans on Radio Pančevo. He is a contributing journalist to the weekly local paper Pančevac, writes for the weekly Vreme, the daily newspaper Danas, the bulletin XXI Century, the magazines Urban Bug and Quick Look, the magazine Cuvantul Romanesc, the internet portal Exilium and, as a phone reporter from Pančevo, his modest contribution provides to Radio Studio B. He remains active in journalism as a freelancer and Program Coordinator for Youth Radio Omnibus.

As a certified translator of Romanian, he translates the most critical projects involving cross-border efforts between Romania and Serbia, in addition to poetry and prose.

He is a member of the Pančevo Library and the rock and roll group EL BUZZ