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About us

Association for general culture and freedom of information “OMNIBUS” is a non-governmental and non-profit association, established to achieve the objectives in the field of general culture, communication, arts, media, education, youth, minorities, and the flow of knowledge, ectropy and ecology, production of civic activism and promotion of peace. Our main objectives are the establishment, development and strengthening of the cultural relations, tolerance and cooperation between different cultures and civilizations, as well as improving the production of all forms of communication in the area of ​​free exchange of information in the field of science, culture, art, media, Internet and others.


We want to promote freedom and all forms of social responsibility and the status of non-profit media. Our goal is to develop objective, disinterested, non-profit, impartial and independent journalism and promotion of progressive ideas and practices, in accordance with the “Charter of Human Rights of the United Nations”. Accordingly, we want to promote the protection of rights, liberties and ethics of equality in terms of: gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, marginalized and vulnerable groups, ethnic or other affiliation or lifestyle choices. We are committed to a sustainable development policy and the peacefulness on Earth and beyond, especially in the fields of organized education and youth participation in creation and placement of all facilities in the field of basic goals and reasons of our association.


The most important focus of ours is the development and practice of journalism, journalistic skills and information, especially among young people, with the aim of enhancing their active participation in public life, through the youth radio-station, you’ve just visited. More specifically, with regard to the production and broadcasting of radio-programs, we want to promote the right to communicate, assist the free flow of information and opinions, encourage creative expression and contribute to the democratic process and the development of pluralistic society. In this regard, we intend to permanently activate the local creative talents, especially to support young people to exercise their right to freedom of information and expression of opinions for the benefit, education and universal cultural development, editorially independent of the government, commercial and religious institutions and political parties and their social impact.


Although we live in a multicultural milieu of Vojvodina, one of the important tasks we have is the responsibility to ensure the right of minorities and marginalized groups to be more present in media, as well as to protect and promote the cultural and linguistic diversity here and elsewhere. We also want to encourage exchanges between community radio-stations using the web and other media for the purpose of developing a greater understanding of tolerance, democracy and general social development through anti-discrimination campaigns at all levels.


Our goal is to work on networking and achieving participation in the activities of all organizations in the country and abroad which promote the same or similar objectives, and in this sense we are open to all forms of cooperation by providing airtime for all partners, organizations and individuals who want to give us to join.